The healing words are here. The six healing sounds qigong comes later. And here is Tai Chi. It is also known as Taijiquan. And when you delve deeper into this discipline, you will soon see that it has less to do with the fighting spirit. The marshalling of the arts. What an interesting play with words, or what do you think. Practicing Tai Chi in peace and harmony brings you balance. It encourages you to be healthy.

And it makes you happy, giving you the peace of mind that you are slowly but surely becoming a well-rounded and disciplined individual. All areas of your personal, social and productive life can improve through the patient practice of this ancient art. It takes a long time to master the art. But you will be taught. You will also be taught all you may wish to know about the six healing sounds qigong.

six healing sounds qigong

Something to look forward to because it too teaches you how to channel your body’s vital energy – it is known as qi – and help you to reduce your high levels of stress and anxiety. You will learn this too. Your qigong instructor is going to introduce you to a number of disciplines. Yes, there will be some book learning too. But by that time, you should be calm enough and disciplined enough to focus on your studies.

Sadly, it is still a mad, bad world out there. And so it goes that you can learn to defend yourself without ever having to use a firearm. That still tends to do more harm than good. It does not matter how round or square you are because people of all ages can master these arts. All in good time. Be patient.